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  • Four Ways the CARES Act Can Help Your Business

    Posted on April 9, 2020

    From loans to tax breaks to credits, the CARES Act attempts to provide relief to small- and medium-sized businesses. As unemployment numbers reach an all-time high, the government is looking for ways to keep Americans employed by helping employers meet payroll.

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  • Market Commentary: Unemployment Rises, China’s Recovering Economy

    Posted on April 6, 2020

    The measures slowing the spread of the coronavirus are dealing severe challenges to the U.S. job market. Social distancing has proven difficult for day cares and dentists, restaurants and retail. As the accompanying chart shows, last week, 6.6 million workers filled for new unemployment benefits.

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  • How the CARES Act Affects You

    Posted on April 3, 2020

    Congress recently passed the largest economic relief package in history. While you may have heard about the rebate check most Americans will be receiving, there is plenty more that impacts individuals and businesses in the U.S. Learn more about the overall impact of the new laws. Click Here to Watch the Webinar

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  • CARES Act Summarized

    Posted on March 31, 2020

    As the stock market hit its lowest returns since the 2008 Financial Crisis, the government stepped in in an attempt to boost the economy.

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  • 3 Money-Smart Strategies for 529 College Savings Plans

    Posted on August 5, 2019

    Between squeaky new shoes, fresh pencils, packs of index cards, trendy new backpacks and other learning supplies, back-to-school shopping in the U.S. is expected to exceed $27 billion this year – about $510 per household. That’s a lot of Trapper Keepers.

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  • Sarah J. Tyrrell

    Posted on June 6, 2018

    clientservice@abbsadvisors.com | 989-792-7777 Sarah joined the team in 2006 as a College Intern. During her internship, she discovered that Abbs Retirement Planning Advisors was a firm that truly cares about their clients and she knew she had found her professional home. In her role as Director of Client Operational Services, with her kind and caring nature, Sarah makes our clients feel like family. Whether she is opening, managing or maintaining accounts, responding to client inquires or assisting in the preparation of retirement planning reports, she is efficient, precise, patient and kind. Sarah graduated from Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) with…read the full article

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